Kasiiya Papagayo

A coastal wilderness retreat with just 9 luxury tented suites set on a peninsula of 123 acres of dry tropical forest. The architect designed suites either offer panoramic elevated views of the ocean beyond or are nestled behind the trees on the beachfront. Wellness, nature and reflection take the lead here with additional benefits of direct access to 3 incredibly secluded beaches. Kasiiya has been designed to be close to zero impact, and to allow guests to find their own pace, inspired by the natural world until you find a way to be that works for your newly relaxed and re-energised self. Do this in exquisite comfort, surrounded by beauty in all directions. Clear blue waters and numerous trails lead directly from the property into the dry rainforest. The staff are attentive, the design meticulous - lauded in architectural awards - and the locally sourced food delicious. Come away transformed.

Senderos Soul

We awoke at Kasiiya to dawn breaking - endless sky and sea beyond the nearby canopy of protective trees - and tea accompanied by handwritten quotes from Ruskin and Muir. It felt like they were here with us, writing those words, drinking in this view and the sky from this beautiful private place tucked high and entirely hidden above waves crashing far below on wild Portuguese beach. Touches abound at this special small hotel that sits lightly in its spectacular environment of pristine beaches and dry tropical forest. Built not to compete with or distract from nature but to frame and celebrate it - because nature simply cannot be improved upon and shouldn’t be disturbed. And because through nature and improving our connection to it we can slow down and remember what’s important. This is a hotel that calms, inspires, breathes; that allows, encourages (and even celebrates) its guests to forget about time…

Simon, Senderos

Getting there

Located on it’s own small peninsula in the Gulf of Papagayo, Guancacaste Province, North Western Costa Rica.

by road


Only 45 minutes from Liberia Airport (30 minutes on normal roads, last 15 minutes on unpaved, bumpy off-road needs 4x4 vehicle).

by boat


20 mins from Coco beach or Palito Beach

by air


Kasiiya can also be accessed by helicopter and chartered plane from San Jose to Liberia or Tamarindo