Bahia Bustamante

This remote 100,000-acre sheep farm in south-east Argentina is the most extraordinary haven for marine wildlife, its pristine white beaches home to up to 100,000 Magellan penguins and 4,000 noisy sea lions. Huge colonies of cormorants and oystercatchers nest here, along with several native species. It’s been likened to an Argentine version of the Galapagos Islands, but being here feels even more special as it’s all private land and a real off-grid experience. They offer a variety of superb guided activities, including boat trips to see wildlife, a 4x4 visit to a 60-million-year old petrified forest, and trekking along a dry river, whose 15m-high canyon walls were formed in the Jurassic Era.

Historically, Bahia Bustamante was a tiny town established by pioneer Don Lorenzo Soriano to harvest seaweed and his grandson Matias now runs it as a hotel - the old workers’ houses converted into 11 guest cabins - and it’s still simple and austere, with limited electricity and cosy blankets woven from their wool. The focus is entirely on the vast empty surroundings, which you can explore on foot, by 4x4, by bike or on horseback.

Bahia Bustamante is also home to a pioneering wine project, which we believe to be the southernmost in South America.  

Senderos Soul

Patagonia evokes images of pure expanse and rugged landscape. The lands in Bahia Bustamante are no exception to this save for one unique feature of its location on the seafront. This coastal spot offers simultaneous moon rises and sunsets on both horizons, deep blue ocean on one side and dry tundra on the other - both incredibly rich in wildlife and natural history. The small sand dunes close to the beaches are covered in organised piles of shells discarded by Mapuche tribes who came here to eat. The steppe further back tells stories of trees petrified into rocks over centuries of tectonic movements. The sea is teeming with life from sea lions, penguins, whales, fish and seaweed - the harvesting of which gave Bahia Bustamante its legacy - the story of which is still present around the property today.

Nicola, Senderos

Getting there

Bahia Bustamante is 300km south of Peninsula Valdes in the Chubut Province of Argentina Patagonia. It’s a short flight from Buenos Aires (1000km).

by road


You can self drive or request transfers from either Comodoro Rivadavia or Trelew airports.

by air


Nearest airport: Comodoro Rivadavia (2.30 hours’ drive), or Trelew (3 hours’ drive)